40 Hours Fundamentals of Property Management

40 Hours Fundamentals of Property Management




40 Hours Pre Licensing for Property Managers

Upon completion, you will be qualified to set to take the South Dakota Property Manager’s Test.

This is actually 3 separate classes in one! You can take the 16 credit hours online for SD Law credits and that qualifies for continuing education credits. (This will take off 2 days of in-classroom time when are taking the full 40 hours class.)

You may also take the first of the 3 “In Class” days which is 8 hours of Fair Housing. This can also be taken as 8 hours of individual continuing education hours for license renewal also.

Then there is the full 40 hour class that includes all the above in addition to setting up your own business, showing safety, Policies, and Procedures, Tenant selection Plans, RECONCILING TRUST A COUNTS-which is one of the HOT BUTTON issues at this time and of course the test to complete the course in the last half day of the 3 in class days.

Dearborn Real Estate Book and Study Manual will be mailed to you before you can begin the online portion of the class.

No refunds, can reschedule to next available date class is offered.
If you are sick and/or not feeling well you will not be admitted to class and you will need to call before class begins and reschedule the class.
Minimum number required for 3 days in class.